What can I expect with your Children’s Ministry?
Our heart at City Church is that children would know above all, that Jesus loves them!  It may sound cliché, but is there anything more important?  We strive to teach simple lessons that focus on basic fundamental truths of our faith.  This happens primarily through our Sunday morning catechism (catechism simply means ‘instruction’) program.

Catechism I – (Age 4)

We spend the first year with our littlest ones, just teaching them who God is by moving through stories of the Old Testament.  They learn that He is our Creator, Promise Keeper, All Powerful One, Leader, Provider, Father, and Protector.  They learn that God answers prayers, and yes, that He loves them!

Catechism II-IV (Kinder – 6th Grade)

As they move up, the children dive into the New Testament and meet their Savior, Jesus!  We spend an entire year studying the life of Jesus. They build on fundamentals such as: the Bible is fully true, and it is indeed GOOD NEWS!  We then study the Holy Spirit and the fruit He gives.  The children learn early on that we can do nothing good on our own.  We need God’s help!  They learn that God always helps us and that they can communicate through prayer.  As they study the Early Church, they begin to see how believing in Jesus translates to life.

We never want church to be about just hearing stories.  We want them to know that the God of the Bible is indeed alive and active today and that they can know Him and trust Him.  We want the child to not just have heard a fun story with activities (although they do have fun!), but to walk away with a Seed.  We believe that God provides the Seed, our Bible, and that our job is to cultivate.  We share that Truth with little ears, and then our belief is that God will multiply that seed.  Even if understanding may not be in fullness just yet, we believe as the child grows, the Father will grow that seed.  And so we plant faithfully.